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foodie time…

6th December 2014

After having such a busy and crazy time lately I have no words to describe how beautiful the day was… Frosty, freezing, shinning, green, picturesque, original and traditional…

Organic and ecco food everywhere, Christmas feeling in a mediaeval way and quality time discovering more and more about food. It just made my day!! I visited the Shambles Market in Stroud where you will find mostly certified organic food. It was so good!!! I came back with a bag full of veggies, organic raw milk goat cheese, loads of leafy greens 100% FREE from pesticides and very yummy seasonal fruits. Now, ready to cook…

Good night :)

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why mushrooms

10th November 2014

Today I decided to dedicate my post to my yummy autumn survival Mushrooms dish. They are deliciously healthy.

Did you know that they are an integral part of the human inmune system? They are not very hight in micronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in food; vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals in the body) but they are a very important nutrients that have an anticancer effect in our body.

They have a high aromatised activity which means they keep the level of oestrogen down!! Briefly, oestrogen INCREASES: fat stores in women and men, salt and water retention, cortisol, cholesterol in bile, support hormone -sensitive breast cancer… etc. Not a great fun. Continue Reading…

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the antipodes

7th November 2014

I have never expected going back to one of the most special places I have been to: AUSTRALIA.

Once I started packing my bag (not my thing) I realised that I would be flying for up to 20 hours. The body gets quite confused while travelling for many hours as the hypothalamus (the most important gland we have in the brain that controls every single organ in our body) needs to adjust each change our body is experiencing such us altitude pressure, water retention, time changes and food intakes. For that reason we should be helping our system to get adjusted as better as possible in order to feel good.  Continue Reading…

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melbourne time

2nd November 2014

As I get excited to assist to one of the biggest events in Australia, The Melbourne Cup, I have to deal with jet lag.

Jet lag is caused by disrupting your circadian rhythm, the internal body clock that regulates sleep and wakefulness. This clock is a tiny group of cells in the brain: the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus. It’s controlled by light and dark, the pineal gland, which produces melatonin hormone when it gets dark and controls our body temperature while we sleep. How interesting!

Here you will find some useful tips to combat jet lag which stops you from enjoying your trips! Continue Reading…

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nutrition healthcoaching

20th October 2014

Good morning WORLD!!

Just came back from my week trip ready to go with my projects! I had an amazing week in the south of Spain, Malaga, and now I am back in the UK. Very excited about my Health Coaching project!! I am improving and learning dramatically…. getting a lot of information and doing my own research… very powerful!!I could never imagine learning so much and getting such a powerful tools! I am just growing my positive thinking, augmenting what I really want to get, focusing on the process and not on the results. I am having so much fun of it!!!

Lifestyle suggestion of the week!:

– Gratitude. Stop complaining! Focus on what is new and good rather than what you do not have.

– Play a happy and a positive song everyday!

– Develop a better sense of humour :)

– Food is really important but finding out what gives you energy is the key! What makes you happy and having a good and a healthy lifestyle is what nutrition is about!

– Exercise!

Why people try and try diets and diets and it will never work…? Could you answer it…? Mmmm Interesting :)

Have a great Monday!!!

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Autumn time

10th October 2014

Red Camargue & Wild Rice soaked in garlic sauce with tender asparagus…

It is just delicious!! Lovely for cosy Fridays…


Have a good time!!

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7th October 2014

Enjoy it…

Lifestyle changes & self care are 100% linked.

Reconnect with yourself, get motivated, shift and find ways to get on it and moving forward with level of commitment instead of giving up…

Listen to the music, travel, buy flowers, laugh, cry, exercise, see the people you love, look after the nature, mental-exercise, meet friends, respect others, open your heart and feel the moment!


Have a very joyful day!!

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breakfast of the day

6th October 2014

Great breakfast to start the day detoxifying after a long weekend!! I love garlic so I try to add it every time I can and this is the case!

Super yummy boiled kale with chopped garlic accompanied with non-yolk omelette on coconut oil seasoned with ground Cinnamon, ground Coriander, Caraway, Nutmeg and Ginger. Absolutely delicious and really helpful for digestion.

Add a homemade almond milk with its silk texture and free from #dairy#refinedsugar#lactose#modifiedingredients#additives#… and so on…


Happy Monday!!

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et voilá

28th September 2014

BORDEAUX area you surprised me! Have you heard about Dunes du Pyla? A stunning natural area where you would face a giant fore-dune, making you feel like in The Caribbean!! I could not believe how big it was!

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Breakfast !! have you thought about zinc & selenium?

23rd September 2014

I am not a big fun of pumpkin seeds but after analysing the benefits of them I am adding some into my diet. That is one of many other options I have for breakfast as you can really play with it and it is incredible how your body feels, energy and weight wise. I never skip breakfast as it makes me feel sick but every person is completely different.

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